Jntuhces Library

Jntuhces Library

JNTUHCES  Central Library is one of the important central facilities of the college catering to the educational and information needs of faculty and students in Engineering at both UG level, Humanities & Sciences. It serves as a resource center and aims to develop a comprehensive collection of documents useful for faculty and students of the institute and provides an efficient dissemination of knowledge.The JNTUHCES Library supports the teaching, research, and learning mission of the college  by providing open access to the broadest possible range of ideas, opinions, and knowledge. The main objective of the library is to make the library an effective Learning Resource Center and shape it to play an effective support role by contributing to the quality of the technical eduction imparted in the college. Library's On-line Public Access Catalog, Digital Library facilities enabling browsing of paid and open access e-resources through Library's Intranet Website is part of its endeavor in creating an effective learning environment.

The library is an automated open access system. It remains open on all working days of the college. The library staff work relentlessly towards providing excellent services to the Faculty and Students to help them to achieve their goal.

There is a reading room provided to the students where all the reference books are there. Students can refer the books about their doubts from a large pool of reference books. Study room is equipped with PCs for further reference from Internet.

To provide the right information at the right time in the right manner, library is looking towards modernizing it and is putting maximum efforts to make the best use of advancements in Information, Computer and Communication Technologies in this regard.