Computer Science & Engineering

About Department
B.Tech Computer Science and Engineering (CSE) is one of the most sought after courses in engineering these days. With a blend of hardware and software technologies, CSE provides students with the right expertise needed to flourish in the world of computer technology today.

The department of Computer Science & Engineering at JNTUHCES provides students with a healthy combination of research and practice. In an Endeavour to nurture students to cope with the ever changing environment in technology, the department of CSE aims to give a strong foundation in computer science and problem-solving techniques. The programs have been planned to offer a blend of computers, communication technologies and other information retrieving/processing tools so as to provide the student with the requisite know-how for solving real life problems thereby enabling them to enter the world of opportunities with flying colors and capitalize the huge IT market.


  1. Produce engineering graduates with a strong foundation in basic sciences, mathematics and strong basic knowledge in the field of Computer Science & Engineering.
  2. Indigenously cater software needs of industry/ organization, and ability to communicate effectively with co-workers, employers, clients and friends.
  3. The engineering graduates should be capable of identifying, formulating, analyzing, and creating engineering solutions using appropriate modern software engineering techniques, designing skills and tools to develop novel products, solutions and simulation for the real life problems.
  4. To imbibe professional and social ethics and to develop the confidence for independent working and/ or team sprit to work cohesively with group.
  5. To develop their ability to pursue higher studies globally.