Civil Engineering
About Department:
Civil Engineers build the world’s infrastructure, which encompasses Railways, Highways, Bridges, Water-works, Skyscrapers, Canals, Wharves, Industrial Buildings, Rapid Transit Systems, and Power Plants etc. They deal with the design, construction, maintenance and repair of structures. There are opportunities galore for civil engineers, with new players entering the market and more large-scale developments announced around the globe. In JNTUCES, the four-year B. Tech program of the Department is dedicated to delivering technically proficient and ethically responsible engineers to the society. 

Top notch laboratory resources are essential for the development of a modern day technocrat. The Department boasts of well equipped labs, manned by highly competent staff. The various laboratories that come under the purview of the Department of Civil Engineering are Strength of Materials Lab, Hydraulics Lab, Survey Lab, Geotechnical Engineering Lab, Concrete Lab, Computer Aided Design (CAD) Lab and Transportation Engineering Lab.

    1. To produce engineering graduates with a strong foundation in basic sciences, mathematics and strong basic knowledge in the field of Civil Engineering.
    2. To produce engineering graduates for successful and productive engineering careers, with emphasis on technical competency so that they are readily accepted by the industry with minimal orientation.
    3. The engineering graduates should be capable of identifying, formulating, analyzing, and creating engineering solutions using appropriate modern engineering techniques, designing skills and tools to develop novel products, solutions and simulation for the real life problems in Civil Engineering.
    4. To imbibe professional and social ethics and to develop the confidence for independent working and/ or team sprit to work cohesively with group.
    5. To develop their ability to pursue higher studies globally.