National Service Scheme (NSS)
NSS Co-ordinator Message:
 JNTUHCES"…The name literally outlines the principles that the NSS (National Service Scheme) was set up on – to inculcate in the nation's youth a sense of passion and dedication towards the society and its people, especially the downtrodden. We, at NSS JNTUHCES, have long embarked on the road of "Dedicated to the service of the Nation".

"JNTUHCES" shall be a mirror that reflects the direct impact that the work taken up by the various NSS volunteers of JNTUHCES has on society within campus and around it. It is an effort to encourage and appreciate the spirit of JNTUHCES who volunteer to serve their community. From elsewhere in the country too, “NSS” shall put forth inspiring stories of ordinary people leading extraordinary lives.
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Blood Donation Camp


Sapling of Trees by NSS volunteers